List shifter troubles

Good day guys!
I wanted to solve my problem in this case:

with great plugin List Shifter
But, i stucked and can’t solve one problem with adding data in the list
I am creating “Checkout” functionality with text message which contains all data for making order

  • In this screenshot i am trying to add iterated first item from RG (Why first? Because if i add whole list, list shifter will add it one-by-one (not in 1 list)). I am counting to identify quantity of data fields
    Then, i added “Make changes to thing” to add additional iterated things with conditional that new data type is created and i should just add iterated items:

Here, i stucked. Because when it Makes changes, it adds First item in Repeating group instead of second. How can i solve this problem guys? Should i use state or smth?

sorry for my eng, not native

bump, need assistance

Found a solution for this ?