Lists with infinte scroll get app stuck (Single Page App)

Hi there,

we just developed a new app on Bubble.
It’s a marketplace for personal trainers to offer their classes online.
I developed the “core” as a Single Page app, you can find it here:

There are two main lists (trainers and trainings) + 2 lists on the trainer profile (trainings and reviews).
Items in the RG (lists) are loaded 3 at a time.

However, after a while, especially after going back an forth between different lists, the app becomes incredibly slow to a point where it stops working all together.

What are you suggestions on how we could improve this?

  • Would “resetting” the hidden groups help? For example, resetting the group Training List in the workflow where I set the router to /all to show all trainers and hide the general trainings list?
  • Would compressing trainers and trainings images on upload with imgix make a difference?
  • Would replacing the infinte scroll lists with paginated ones help?

Any other ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your help!