Live API Data or Store in Database?

Hey Bubblers,

just a quick question and some oppionions:

Do you think it’s better to set up a „live api“ with getting data from an api everytime a page is viewed or would you store the database in bubble and get the data from here?

I am asking to get different views on that topic and I want to figure out what’s the best option.


It depends.

If the data is updated very often relative to how often pages are loaded, and the currency of that data is important, you should just load that data live. If you have very high page views, this could eventually become a bottleneck, though.

I think the preferred method would be to periodically load that information in to Bubble’s DB and serve the page from there. You could design it so that it automatically updates the DB periodically or when it “expires” and a page is requesting that data. I believe this will also make better use of the Caching that Bubble has in place.

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thanks for your answer @flowtron!

I am building something like a cross platform messenger right now, which allows a user to get messages from many different platforms and send new messages as well.

This could be a lot of data depending on my users, but I am thinking about delays when messaging.

So i don’t know if its good to store the data and work with webhooks and backend workflows to stay updated or get the messages live…

another thing is that I need to process the data cause I want to categorize it and I think it’s not possible in bubble without a database to do that.

I have other use cases, with displaying social media profiles where I go with storing and updating it every x hours (depending on which plan the user is). That works great.

Anyways, maybe some more thoughts on that topic, people? :slight_smile:

In my app , I have requirement of appending data to the one which we are fetching from API. So I want to know correct steps for this implementation.
Should i use bubble database and then append in database itself?

Can you suggest me with this?