Bubble DB or MySQL?

Hi everyone,

I have a bubble app that I used during last year where I make use of a large database that I upload via CSV upload. This, as you all know, can take a lot of time and it’s not optimal if you need to update the database regularly.

I’m now planning to scale up my app, so I will need to manage more and more lines on the database (~10million lines) and this would take a lot of time.
In addition to that, I have to perform some actions on my DB before uploading it to bubble so that it resembles the various ‘Types’ of my bubble database (kind of making it relational creating different files for every type).

I was thinking about moving my DB to MySQL and to make calls directly from bubble, this making it easier and faster to upload and update my DB. I will have to run queries with no more than 30 results but I will need to read and write quite often from the DB.

I am, by the way, a bit scared that this will bring performance issues to my app.
What do you think about it?
How is the MySQL api working?
Do you have any other suggestion?

Thanks a lot,

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Please have a look at my comment:

I prefer Postgresql.
Some libraries help you to create REST API using your database. That saves a lot of time.
But you need to find one that supports the Authentication feature. You may need that to configure the privacy stuff of your records.

I’m not sure if there is another suitable option.
The Bubble is great and has many features, but it doesn’t handle cases where you have to work with many records.

Thanks for your reply!

So what do you think about a PostgreSQL solution?
Will it be fast? How does it work?
I actually know nothing about databases but I hope I can manage to create one… If you have any advice it would be great!

It will be very fast.

There are many tutorials for this stuff.

It will take to get the required skills.

If you have little time, it might be a good idea to use the Bubble’s solution for now.