Live app - Double relationship


I don’t know if having double relationship between 2 Data Types have advantages?

Let me explain:
I have 2 Data Types with some fields

  1. Album
    a. name (type text)
    b. songs (list of Songs)

  2. Song
    a. name (type text)
    b. file (type file)
    c. album (type Album)

Is there any benefit that Album has the field songs?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

Thanks, @cmarchan,

One simple comment on the situation you present is that the song being related to the album makes the list of songs of the album pretty much irrelevant. Unless … there is a purpose for that list of songs other than just being part of the album.

Yes, I really think that having the Album as a field on the Song is the only relation that I need.

Except for only one Data Type that I have to have a list of things because of the Privacy Rules don’t letting me have a "This Thing's X's Y" can't grant search access right now

Thanks again


Yes there are…

For one it will be easier to work with data (and probably faster to load compared to doing a search for songs).

For another, there may be certain privacy rules you might want to use which (as you’ve already seen) will only be possible linking the data that way.

And besides, there are zero downsides (aside from the extra ‘effort’ of adding an additional workflow step to do it, and making sure any future changes to the data run both ways).

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I believe they are but only for lists that are supposed to stay as short as possible.

Because doing a search for 1 000+ things is faster than having the list of the 1 000+.

Yes, unfortunately that is true. Hope Bubble implements better privacy rules:

Yes there is a very big one, lists are limited to 10 000 entries.

I’ve never heard of an Album with 10,000 songs!!!…