Live app - List at maximum length (1000)


I have a live app with tens of users that have created more than 11,000 of a Data Type
An alert saying List at maximum length (1000) appears when a user tries to create that Data Type.

Does anyone know how this is happening?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

This thread will probably shed some light: Adding a limit to max list length

But there is basically 1,000 entry limit on Lists. There’s no row limit on an actual Data Type. So it sounds like when your user is creating a record of said Data Type, it’s also being added to a List. Depending on your use case, there are likely better ways to handle this (usually in the form of an additional Data Type that links them).

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Thanks, @flowtron,

Ohh, okay. I see.

The thing is that my app has a Data Type that has many fields for lists (of other Data Types)

Do you know something about this?

Thanks again

Since when has this been the case?…

I’ve always understood the limit on list items to be 10,000 (as per the Bubble manual):

Is this a new limit?

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I was of this understanding, too. @bubble any comment?

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Hey, @adamhholmes and @lantzgould,

I already reported this issue. A user exceeded the 10,000 items per list.
The only bug was that the alert number 1,000 should be 10,000

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