Live Bubbling with @keith: Let's Iterate Over Some Shtuff

Let’s loop some junk, shall we?

List Shifter addresses a bunch of features that are – mysteriously – left out of Bubble. Herein, I recap how to use List Shifter to iterate over Bubble lists (iteratively executing a Bubble workflows) and introduce the new PROCESS List feature, which iterates over a list in a single workflow step at a speed several orders of magnitude faster than iterative workflows enabled by ITERATE (for pure computational and manipulation/construction cases where you don’t need to query or write to the database).

Also introduces List Shifter’s little friend, Debug Buddy, which can be used to not only log messages to the browser console and/or Bubble Debugger, but provides an accurate way to benchmark the time taken by various workflows and workflow steps.

The main thread for List Shifter is here, BTW, but wanted to share this more broadly. More vidos on using List Shifter for these sorts of applications forthcoming.

In the meantime, the whole thing is extremely well documented in its interface, so why not go build some stuff, eh?


Impressive, Keith! It was already a useful plugin but this is incredible.

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Introduction of PROCESS List (iteration feature) in List Shifter: #lockdownandlearnwithkeith