Live chat outsourcing company or in-house department

Can someone please help me decide whether to go for business live chat outsource or hire an in-house support department in my company? Do let me know what you think guys and thank you in advance for your reply.

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In case of live chat I think there is quite a range of reasons to make it in-house. But of course it depends what industry you’re working with. If it is selling goods I prefer workers who know how the product looks like and what are its main features. When it’s providing a service a live chat worker also has to know how the service works or else instead of helping customers he/she will lose them. The only thing I’d be happy to outsource is software development as it doesn’t require my constant control.

Hey, it’s a very good question. In case you would choose to have an in-house team, you would have to actually hire them, pay taxes for them, rent more office space, buy software, equipment and much more. All these things will result in additional costs.
There’s a better solution, it’s called outstaffing. This way, the services provider will find and hire employees for you. You can read more in this post. Here’s a picture for you to see how it works.