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Hello everyone,
I had a question around building help centers for your customers. Are some people building a home grown Help center (like Zendesk) with Bubble or are you using another solution?

Also, if I were to build my own help center, would the data slow the app over time?

This is one of those things where, while you can re-invent that wheel on Bubble, you’re probably better off using other tools to save you the time and development hours.

There are so many options with friendly integration options (API, embed codes, etc.) that are worth the business expense. Just need to shop around for the features that you need at your budget. Here are a few:


Having said that, building your own gives you the benefit of having full control over design and interactivity (e.g. search workflows could update stats you keep in your database).

I think the level of integration just requires weighing out your business priorities and potential impact on user experience.

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Great advice right there ^^^

Know exactly what your key value prop is, and own THAT. For other things, it comes down to budget and time and how you value both.

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Good points. I’ve decided to use a 3rd party and manage it there.

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Awesome! I’ve actually written a full blog post on this topic since I get this question a lot too. If anyone is interested in reading a few more thoughts on the subject, you can check out the post here:

Features and Functionality in Should I Build it Myself or Intergrate with Another App?