Live database to development database

Hello Everyone,

I am not a bubble developer (Just starting out, I just got my app transferred from freelancer & i want to do things on my own)

I would like to know how to copy my live database to dev database?
I’ve gone through this post but i don’t understand how to do it?

I read the bubble docs but i tried to do export but still confusing :confused:

Thanks a lot :+1:

Hi @ZedtronicsAdmin :wave:
Welcome to Bubble community :tada:

  • First go to “Data” section then go to “App data” tab then you do like this.

Then you can copy data from both the environments.

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It’s really very simple, so I’m not sure which part you’re having trouble with…

But (assuming you want to copy your entire live database to your dev database) just click ‘Copy And Restore Database’ on your app’s data-tab, then click Copy Live Data to Development Database.

That’s all there is to it.

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Hey @mdburhan3 @adamhholmes
Actually, I am quite new to bubble but i don’t find this information any where…
Thanks for your help :+1: