Live streaming for users

hello all who view this thread! I believe that I have a general idea of how to go about this but I was wondering others thoughts on how this could be implemented into one’s website. I would like a feature for users that are signed up to be able to live stream themselves on the platform for other user to tune in and watch. I think the only way to go about doing this would be by using youtube but I’m curious if anybody knows of any plugins on bubble that would help with this?

Thank you for your guy’s time!

As a heads up, if your page is set to be responsive in Bubble, anytime someone changes the size of their browser, the page will re-draw. This works okay with content sites, but with video it automatically cuts the feed which just doesn’t work.

As such, if you want to build this in Bubble, you’ll need to build it on a page that’s not in responsive mode. Learned this the hard way myself.


Oh wow, damn. Thank you for the heads up!

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Hi @craftglassworks. Did you ever find a good solution for this?