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Streaming on Bubble?

Is there a way to include live streaming on Bubble?

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If there is a service that provides a HTML embedded code, there is (copy the code and put it in an HTML element). Do you have a service/use case in mind?

There are places that provide the HTML code but that not exactly what I was looking for. I’m aiming for users to stream their video directly from the website without having to login somewhere else.

Oh, that’s not something we support yet, but that’s the kind of things we can add on request. If there is a service out there that does this, email us and we can look at how to integrate it.


What’s the email address you would like me to send the information to?

[email protected], ideally there is a service with an API that we can add. Building this from scratch is a major undertaking.

Hi, is there a chance that you would integrate a Live video broadcasting API like this one ?

Seems to be for iOS and android but not for web, so not sure that’s the right plugin at this stage.

Kickflip can also be use for web! Look here: Or is there a chance to integrate YouTube Live Streaming API on bubble?

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