Live tracking location

What’s the best plugin for tracking people’s location live… like in cab apps?

So far I found the only app wrapper that advertises Background geolocation (so it continues to track with the screen off) is , the app running on the device sends a webhook to your app with in the interval you pick when you triggered the start tracking action. I have tested it a little bit myself and you have to be careful not to poll for location too often or else the user’s phone will kill the app for battery savings.

If the screen will be on the whole time you can use the native Bubble Current geographic position data source, and do some kind of loop to save that to your database every X minutes

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use "do every x " consumes too many workflow units

That event in itself won’t consume any WUs, its the actions you run from that that will determine usage. No matter what you will be creating a database entry every time you want to save their location

I had already tried this method to locate live, it worked well but it was because of the WU that I deactivated… I did “do every 5s”… I’m going to try for 1 minute to see what it will do

Yea 1 min or more would be better. You could also put some logic so on the device you store the previously created entry, then when you go to save the next one if it’s within 0.2 miles of the previous one don’t save it yet, but update the previous one’s “End time” with a new date so each location has a time range

So if a taxi driver sits for 10 minutes you don’t create 10 entries :brain: Just one from 1:30 to 1:40 in same location

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thank you for your advice, which is very useful… don’t hesitate to share other information if you can.

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