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Native App - Getting GPS location in background

I’m looking at a client project that requires Strava like functionality for tracking a users location via GPS and to be wrapped as a native App.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to continue to track and store the GPS location when the user has their screen off with the App running in the background as this is essential for this project?

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I need the same, did you find any plugins that did the trick?

Would also love this…

@JohnMark can Jasonelle do this?

I’ve looked at the other frontend no-code builders and it seams no one does it. I though AppGyver might but no-go

Unfortunately not. The air native plugin from Zeroqode gives access to GPS which is great but not in the background.

When I built a taxi booking app I found out that this feature is not possible in bubble, even if the user switch between apps the bubble connection is lost and so the GPS.