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Livestreaming in my app

What’s the best way to implement Twitch into my app?

Starting a broadcast.
Sharing the phone screen in the broadcast.

Similar to apps like Mobcrush and Omlet Arcade.

I’m building an app for reading comics. I want users to be able to react live by live streaming themselves reading the comic. I already know how to display their channels within the app and have others view it, I just need an idea on how to start broadcasts and show their screens.

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it`s a good idea, I think that app will be useful, especially while quarantine


You may wanna look for plugins / API that can be used to host Livestream sessions.

Agora is a good choice. I recommend using the plugin “Easy Live Streaming with Agora”. It enables you to host your own streaming service. Here is a detailed description: [NEW PLUGIN] Easy Live Streaming with Agora

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