Loading a list of things vs. loading data in a repeating group - is there any difference?

If I load a list of things to a custom state on page load, can I then reference those same things in a repeating group without requiring our site to load more data to the client?

…one experiment of mine seems to show that they’re different (so the RG requires an extra load of data which is really slow), but I don’t understand why. Does anyone know how this works?

Perhaps the custom state holding the list of things is simply holding pointers to the data rather than storing the actual value in the client side. So when you associate a repeating group to the custom state it has to go back and get the data which slows it down.

One way to find out is to go back the database and manually modify a value. And if it changes in the repeating group, then it means that the custom state is linked to the data in the database.


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Yeah, this is what I think of as “pre-loading” data. If you want to force Bubble to “break the link” between local storage and the db, you’re supposed to be able to do “:make static” on the list. In my experience (somewhat limited) this does nothing — if the source data updates, the local data does as well, regardless. Could be the docs are misleading on this point and “make static” is more subtle than that. Could be make static has no real performance benefit and so is secretly deprecated. Unclear…

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