Repeating Group loads slower when the source is Custom State

When the data source of my repeating group is a custom state my repeating group takes 5 sec to load. When the data source of my RG is “Search for…” the page is loaded almost instantly. Is there a way to make the RG load faster while using CS as data source? Or does it take 5 secs to load all the data in CS before the data is displayed. Below is the video of what is happening

Cause it’s loading the entire list into browser vs. the search can just show the first few results and load more as they scroll.

There is a plugin to detect the scroll position on the repeating group so you can manually load the first few results ([your list] then :until item #) and continuously add to the custom state if that’s what you want. Any particular reason you don’t just use the search?

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Thank you for your insight. I am looking to use CS to store my data so I would not need to do the search multiple times on the page. Once data is loaded in the CS i can use that to conduct multiple other task on it. This was advised by one of the instructors are Bubble.