Loading font in HTML - 1 sec then disappear

Hello all :slight_smile:
I seem to have an issue within my app that I don’t quite grasp ;

I have an HTML element in which I integrated some styling ;
The font is loaded for 1 sec and then disappears for some reason.
As for the HTML; it does load on other pages but not the one I’m trying to make it work ;

Any help is highly appreciated :pray:t4:

Here is what happens :

Are you using a header tag like <h1> on that word “Peacok”. If so it may be getting a change in style from that. You can try to make it a <p> tag and then give it an id or class attribute and assign the css off of that attribute. And then maybe add the “!important” to the end like so:

#myElement {
     font-size: 20px !important;

Yes, i’ve tried, and as I said, it completely works on other pages but not this one ;
I came with this error on my inspector - but do not know how to correct it ;

Allright ! Find the solution - there was an error in the conditional that prevented the font to load !
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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