Inconsistent CSS Loading Issues on Bubble – Font & Layout Problems

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I’ve been encountering some peculiar issues with CSS on my Bubble application and was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems or has insights on how to fix them.

Issue Description:
From one page load to another, the styling of my application seems to fluctuate unpredictably. Specifically, two main problems occur:

Font Inconsistency: The native Bubble font that I've set does not consistently load. Sometimes it displays correctly, and other times it defaults to another font, disrupting the intended look and feel of the app.

Layout Displacement: The placement and arrangement of elements on my pages are not stable. The layout occasionally shifts, causing a messy and unprofessional appearance.

These issues don’t seem to be tied to any specific browser or device and occur randomly. I’ve double-checked my CSS and everything seems to be in order, which makes this all the more baffling.

Has anyone faced similar issues with their Bubble app? Any advice on how to ensure consistent loading of CSS properties, especially concerning fonts and element layouts, would be highly appreciated. If there’s a known bug or a workaround, I’d love to hear about it.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Are you using custom plugins? Also, can re reliably reproduce the issue?

I’m using a few plugins. I can’t reliably reproduce the problem; it’s random (or seems to be), occurring on both computer and phone. In the inspector, I get this message: “The layout was forced before the complete loading of the page. If the stylesheets are not yet loaded, this can cause a flash of unstyled content.”
Capture d’écran 2024-01-30 à 13.00.43

Good call on the plugin idea. It could be coming from the “Air Copy to Clipboard” plugin. I’ve uninstalled it, and for now, it seems to be working better. I’ll see how it goes over time.

Thanks for your help.

We have the same problem, it is completely random. The problem also accur on pages where we have no plugin installed, so i don’t think a plugin is the problem.

This problem suddenly occurred yesterday evening on pages we haven’t touched in a while.