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Loading screen while calculating value in RG

I have a Repeating group with type “Users”. There’s a column in that Repeating group where I’m getting some numbers from some other tables related to that cells user and calculating a value using “Calculate sum product”. Now, All the Repeating group data is getting displayed instantly except that one column where I’m doing calculations. That column is staying empty for a moment. How can I hide this Repeating group and display a “Loading…” text till that Calculations gets completed and display complete Repeating group at once?

Hello @maheshkasindi


  1. Getting a yes/no group (hidden somewhere … perhaps in a popup that you ever open) to be yes when the sum of all those calc groups is not empty or greater than 0
  2. Do that calculation on item create so that it is already computed as a static number

Hey @cmarchan, thank you so much for the response.
I can’t seem to understand the 2nd point, could you please explain it a bit more

What @cmarchan is saying is to already have the calculation saved in your database, so you don’t need to calculate it in real time.

What you can do is to display a “spinner” icon rotating above the text you are calculating. And in the conditional tab of this icon write something like “When the result of the calculation is no empty, this icon is invisible”.

Doing this, as soon as the calculation is made, the result will be displayed in your text field and the spinner will disapear…

Make sense?


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