Repeating Group is slower then the text that displays the status of RG

Hello everyone…

I’m trying to do a condition that when a Repeating Group has 0 records will display a text.

The condition is: When Repeating Group’List of Datatype:count is 0 then element is visible.
While the element itself is hidden when the page is loaded and collapsed.

The condition works but is faster than the Repeating Group.
So it displays the text that shows 0 records, and then hides the text and displays the records.
The text should not be visible at all when Repeating Group has records.

Any idea how to resolve this?


This is probably a rush condition:
when the page is loading the count of the repeating group is 0 because its data is not loaded yet, therefore the text shows.
After loading the data the count is more than 0 so the text hides.
You may want to include the loading status of the repeating group in your condition. Something like if rg is loading is no and rg list count <= 0 then show the text.

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Hi Dori Lama, thank you for your reply.

Is still showing because the RG loading is activated during a Dropdown list (select an item in the dropdown list and depending on the item will show the result)

It’s not just still showing its there all the time. with your condition.

Any new ideas?


Can you share any screenshots of what are your conditions?

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I found another solution.
Thanks again for your fast answer.


I’m glad you solved it :+1:

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If you could share your solution - it will be useful for other bubblers who is struggling with the same task :wink:

Well has nothing to do with the Repeating Group at all.
I did a Do a search for and looked if the first item is empty or not.

If it was empty: display the text.

That’s it. :slight_smile:

Great that you found your solution! I just want to add on for the sake of others. The issue was because you were referring to the repeating group’s list.

A repeating group is gonna have 0 items on a load or while it initially fetches whatever data it needs from it’s data source. So that triggers your text’s workflow and also why your solution works since it’s not referring to the repeating group’s list but instead, what i assume, is the data source of the repeating group.

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Makes sense.


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