Location Distribution Map/Chart

Does anyone know of a plugin or method for displaying a list of geographic places in either of the following formats? I want to show the distribution of user locations across the world.

Map example

It might be.

With regards to the 1st format, although somewhat laborious, you might be able to accomplish it by creating like a datatype for countries/cities, each taking on a list of users.
Then you can set a map to display a list of countries/cities with data dependent icons. Create like 5 different sized icons to represent different ranges and set them as option sets. Each time a user signs up and sets his address or country, run a backend workflow that checks for the count of users in a given country, extract the country item from the address if needed. If count is smaller than X but larger than Y, change that country’s datatype icon to the icon sized k x k pixels. If count is between W and Z, set the icon to size n x n, and so on… And so, each country/city will have a an icon with size corresponding to a given range of users count.
It might do the trick.

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