Locking multiple elements not working

Environment: Chrome 81.0 on Mac OS Sierra

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any form that has your design with multiple elements.
  2. Select multiple elements of the form in editor.
  3. Property window’s title bar shows “Edit n elements”, where n is the number of selected elements.
  4. Tick the lock element checkbox in property window.
    (Refer attached screenshot for step #2-4)
  5. Click on any empty area to unselect, then select any of the elements locked in step #4.
  6. Verify if that element is truly locked, property window shows that it is not locked.

Update for observation:

  • only one of those selected elements is locked, the rest are remain unlocked. Expected behaviour is that all of them should be locked.

Thanks for the heads-up on this. Was an official bug report submitted?

Nope. I thought this Bug category is the official bug report channel.

No, the official bug report form is here. There’s no description for this forum, so it’s not clear exactly how it’s supposed to be used, but the consensus seems to be as a way to confirm that something is in fact a bug before submitting an official report. One thing’s for sure, though. Bubble has consistently and repeatedly stated that it won’t get on their radar unless an official report is submitted.

Thanks for reminding. I have just submitted bug report #9257.

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