Log In to Firebase Using Google/Facebook/Email

Hello Everyone,

My app requires users to be signed into Firebase using a different authentication service. Specifically, I’m offering three login methods for my app: email/password, Google login, and Facebook login, and would like the users to also be signed in/authenticated to use my firestore database whenever using one of these methods.

I’m trying to use the API connector to sign users into Firebase if they successfully use one of these methods, but I’ve hit a roadblock. I have experience using the API connector and with API calls in general, but I’m not sure how to proceed with this particular task.

My question is: how can I use the API connector to sign users into Firebase using a different authentication service? I presume that the general process is to obtain an access token from Google/Facebook and send a request to firebase using that token as part of the login process.

Additionally, how can I ensure that the user is logged into Firebase so long as they are logged into my app? I want to make sure that users don’t get logged out of Firebase and remain logged into my app, as Firebase’s security rules won’t allow them to pull the data if that happens.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Additionally, since this is critical to my app, I would be willing to pay someone who has solved this issue before a generous hourly rate to do a zoom call where they can walk me through this.