"Log out all sessions" for Bubble accounts

I apologize if this has been mentioned before, I could not find a thread for this request and thought I’d bring this topic up for discussion.

I am a typical human being and forget to log out of my admin Bubble account on occasion at shared workspaces. I have noticed there is a 24-hour session limit when visiting from the same browser/device, which is nice. It would be beneficial and calm my nerves if I knew there was 2FA in place but that’s on the “Later” part of the Bubble roadmap. As an interim solution what I’d love to see is an option to log myself out from all sessions no matter the device.

An added bonus IMO would be allowing this functionality within our Bubble apps so we can build workflows for our users to do the same.


I agree! Is there a way to protect our admin bubble account a little more and set it up with 2factor authentication?

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