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[New Feature] Logging out other sessions

We just added a feature that will help keeping your account more secure. You can now log out all sessions (except the current one) from the account page.

We built this feature as a Bubble action, since our app is built on Bubble, so you can also use this functionality in your apps as well, but using the action “Log out other user’s sessions”.



Great. How about logging out just one particular user session? Right now, the token generated for a user is valid forever.

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i faced this issue many times when i was working on frontaccounting erp

We do not offer this right now.

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Generated token is valid for 365 days.

When is that 2 factor authentication to login to your bubble console coming ; )

We’re working on it :slight_smile:


Thank you Emmanuel and Team! This is exactly what the doctor ordered :wink:

We just added this

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