Log system with autobinding


I am currently developing an Electronic Medical Report application and it would be nice if I can log which user made which change. There are 830 inputs per patient and all of them use autobinding. Does someone have an idea of how to register every change?
Launching a workflow every time something is changed would not be good for the speed of the application I assume.


With something like that, you would literally need a workflow for every input (OR API Workflow). For example, you might have Input A (Address) and Input B (Imaging Release Form).

Data Fields:
User_Activity (With User_Activity_Entries in a list)
User_Activity_Entry (Linked to User_Activity)

A workflow might say:

  • Start by checking to see if a record of User_Activity has been created.
  • If not created, create a user record (Conditional)
  • If Input A value is changed, create a new User_Activity_Entry.
  • Add User_Activity_Entry to User_Activity record.

Note: Make sure you link the the User_Activity record under the patient to make search faster.

I was thinking about something similar, but with 800+ input-fields and linked workflows the app would be far to slow I think…

It’s actually pretty quick if you keep it simple. I do it right now with a staff evaluation app. Since each workflow is contained, you are essentially creating a very simple search then creating a short record entry. But creating workflows for 800 input fields would be a slow process.

Of course dealing with medical records systems means dealing with an EPIC amount of fields. I almost created a Medical Records system and in the end I dropped it due to the complexity and data security requirements.