Log the user in

Hi everyone,

I’m actually facing a problem. I want to log users in according to their password and email stored in the DB. However when I test, a pop up displayed to tell me that the password is not correct while it is (I’ve checked). I can’t understand.



I believe this is built in bubble functionality to help us maintain and do things according to industry best practices or standards.

Basically the users password should not be stored in the D.B. where the admin can access it…it is all done in the “background”, so when a user is signing up and then logging the password would be checked and verified…all password reset and things are done by bubble too I think

The only passwords that would be used and stored on D.B. is for groups or something you create and you need to create the login menu yourself for something like that.

Otherwise user login is handled by bubble. Just use their built in functions in workflows to achieve it.

Thank you for answering. However, I’m using bubble 's workflow system and it doesn’t work so could you help me finding an other solution please.


Yes, I believe if you are have set up your database to have a password as a data field on the user data type and you are trying to log a user in on workflows to compare the password to the one stored in the D.B. bubble wouldn’t recognize it as the password they have stored but not visible to you as the admin on the database.

Share screen shots of your set up or open the editor to view.

The default User datatype doesn’t have a password data field but it does have an email field

So if you have things set up correctly it should work

Look at this editor to see how to do it correctly and notice my database user data type has no password data field

Here is my user table :

Pwd is my password field.

And here is my app on bubble :

So if you haven’t a password field how do you get the password to log into your app.

As I explained in previous posts.

Take a look at the app I shared. Navigate to the link lantzgould shared and watch the tutorials.