Login help please!

Login help please!

I am making a crm for dentists whose users will be dentists and patients.

When in the registration a user indicates his role, his corresponding role is stored in the respective field of the user thing.

On the Login page I have a single login button with the following conditionals:

1- If current user is a dentist it logs in and redirects to the page “dentist dashboard.”

2- If the current user is NOT a dentist, he/she logs in and redirects to the “patient dashboard” page.

It turns out that when I run the preview in the chrome incognito browser, it never logs in as dentist, it seems that this conditional redirection does not work!

It should be noted that when I run the preview step by step, it ALWAYS RUNS OK.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t feel confident about this redirection! Please help!

Seems that you’re reading “Is dantist” field before the user is actually logged in.
Try making redirection action in User is logged in workflow.

Uff I thought that would work for me but unfortunately NOTHING! The error continues!

Attached are captures of my workflow according to your advice.

Boton iniciar sesion

Dentist conditional
Redireccionar login

Wrong URL!


Database evidencing that the conditional is YES

Can you show your User thing fields set?

Do you have any deleted fields on User thing? Can you reveal them by clicking on Show deleted fields?

Just repeated the same login flow with the same field name, works as expected.
Are you sure there are no other redirects in your login page workflows? Or in reusables used on that page? Maybe, it intercepts the flow and triggers redirect…
Otherwise, I can only guess that you might have another field odontologo? deleted, and you might use it occasionally.
No other ideas without looking into the bellies of your app, sorry.

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