Login with Facebook and Google broken?

Having problems with Facebook and Google OAuth logins. It works in the example lesson but I get redirect_uri_mismatch errors when using my own API keys. Any ideas?


Part of the issue is that you have /version-test as an authorized redirect URI but you do not have your live URL. (Because /version-test is included, that’s why the testing version works). Try adding your domain to the Authorized redirect URIs, but exclude the version-test component.

It also needs to match the origin page URL (ie. where the user is signing up from). So, if the user was on appname.com/jointoday versus appname.com, those would be considered different origins.

I don’t have a live URL yet, I’m only using a test environment and it doesn’t work even with /version-test

What page is the signup/login action originating from? (Ie. the index page, somewhere else).

If it is not the index page, then you need to append that to what you add as the redirect (ie. appname.bubbleapps.io/version-test/pagename

Yes, the index page, and it still doesn’t work…