Login with Google/OAuth: TOKEN EXPIRED

Hey! Can anybody please help me out?

I’ve seen some posts about this topic, but haven’t found the solution yet. I’m starting to get really frustrated with Bubble, why is everything so complicated and stop working?

I’m trying to use the Google SIgn up/ Log in. Yesterday it was working. But today the token has expired.

I am using the pluggin and also got set up the API Conector. Both are not working. Does anybody know why?

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Not an expert using Google Sign up/ Log in, but often some tokens that are given have a lifespan and expire after some time.

Maybe you need to have another API call to get a token (usually a POST request that has some kind of authentification aswell), and use this API call in a workflow to then pass the valid token.

1/ POST url/generate/token → gives you the token
2/ Google Login/Signup using result of 1/'s token

Hope that can give you some hints for further research :slight_smile:
(by the way usually when something doesn’t work anymore, there is a reason :wink: )

Token in API Connector are not refreshed. This shouldn’t affect your user. Only API Connector. Get a new one if you need to add more call