⚽ Login with Sorare / OAuth Authentication

Hello Community! :wave:

I try to have a “Connect with Sorare” button with “Sorare” with Oauth authentification.
The Sorare Documentation is here: GitHub - sorare/api: Sorare API documentation

What I have done:

  • I request and got the OAuth Credentials.
  • I create a “Login with Sorare” link (like suggest in the documentation)
    But I have got this issue:




I’m stuck still few week… :sob:
Maybe someone have got idea?
Have a good day :sunny:
Arnaud Le Doeuff

:heavy_check_mark: I fix my bug:
The Redirect URI fournished to sorare must not be the “generic redirect URL” but one page one my bubble
Don’t hesitate to send me a mesg if you want more info :wink:

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