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Linkedin Login with Bubble's API Connector


I’m using Bubble’s API Connector to be able to log my app’s users in with Linkedin and to retrieve their profile data and posts. I opted to go with the API connector vs the Linkedin plug-in that’s available because that plug-in only allows you to retrieve the user’s first and last name and profile pic. I want to add custom requests.

I am getting this error message when I click my sign-on button and I am wondering if anyone has experienced this as well?

Here is my set-up workflow and workflow thus far.


I am following this tutorial and my app breaks at the 33:07 minute mark where The tutorial presenter is able to login with the user’s credentials but I get the error message.

Any insight or guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


I’m getting the same error, but my profile endpoint is different to yours (i’ve used the suggestion from the youtube tutorial:

Also, the tutorial says to use a generic redirect URL which doesn’t work either and gives a different error message:

the tutorial is out of date and broken. seems like it’s been like this for a couple of years?

The /me endpoint is correct but there’s a missing key information… email! I think this is the problem

and use existing plugin should help you