Logo Image in Navigation Bar

I’m new to Bubble, I tried messing around with it back in October/November 2023 but then just kinda stopped. I started a new project this morning and have been following along with Bubble’s/Gregory’s tutorials that they’ve posted in the last week.

My navbar looks great and is all working correctly, but I’m having trouble getting my logo resized and fitting with the rest of the navbar sizing. I created a quick logo in Canva (500x500), and when I upload it into the “Brand” group from the tutorial the image is way larger than everything else in the navbar and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’ve tried changing the size in both Canva & Bubble and neither fix it. Any advice on what to do?

You need to play with the aspect ratio similar to this so the size and shape won’t look funny


Unlike the image element, you can’t do this in a group.

You’re doing aspect ratio wrong.

You’d want 1:1 for a square, or 1:2 for a rectangle. it’s the same as universal ratios.

Yep, I understand but I just usually copy the our images’ aspect ratio instead of converting it. This way, I’ll only have to play around the images’ max width and won’t distort the image.

It produces the same results anyway :grin:

Correction: I mentioned @fneuhold to play around the aspect ratio. What I meant was to simply copy your image’s aspect ratio