Look for freelancer to finish a template based marketplace app

Project description:

  • This is an almost done social e-marketplace app customised out of the Zeroqode Amazon clone template;
  • The app layout is done, incl. colour palette, logo, page structure, etc;
  • The social function is done;
  • The main work pending include a few bug fix, stripe integration, app testing and enhancement;
  • Stripe: have registered the account and keyed in the keys, now need to integrate the stripe API into the marketplace and complete the missing/weak workflow, esp. enhance the seller Stripe registration workflow to make sure it is as simple as possible.

The main task:

  • Complete the whole project development, incl. fix bugs, develop missing/weak workflow, integrate stripe API and enhance the check out, refund and other settlement related functions;
  • Test the completed app as seller, buyer and admin and make sure the flow is smooth and intact;
  • Improve the app workflow to make sure it is user friendly and no conflict;
  • Improve the UI design to make sure it is user friendly both in PC and phone;
  • Willing to resolve future problems of this app once it goes live ā€” with extra charge.

If you are interested, feel free to PM me with your rate and past experience.

Hey there,

I sent this to our bubble experts on the team. If you can send me an email to: alexis.tirado@roundpegs.com that would be great because then I could send you over a formal proposal based on your needs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Hi guys,

Following the previous job ad, my APP has progressed a lot and is almost done. Now in the testing stage.

However, Iā€™m still looking for a stable Bubble technical support for the long run, once the APP goes live. I might need a relative quick turnaround time if the APP gets into any problem.

So, message me if you are still interested, not in development but in support, and let me know how you charge.

(If you are based in Singapore, that would be perfect!)