Need Freelancer to Solve Specific Problems

Hi All:

I’m new to bubble, but I already commit to deliver an app before christmas. Thought it will be easier jeje

I need help with this.

Create the stripe integration and create a user when someone pays.

The app itself is only one page, where the user will input some data and a graph (radial) will be created.

I think its really easy but cannot find out how to do it fast.

Hope someone can help me. Obviously I’m thinking on paying for this, not just getting help for free.

Thanks in advance.


I can help. PM me to discuss about your needs.


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This is something I could definitely be of assistance…
You can reach me on

Best Wishes

Hi @hola3,

I would be glad to help you. Please write me an email at


Done, I just email you… thanks

Thanks Victor, I just emailed you