Looking for 1 Hr Tutoring

I have been struggling with how to send data from drop downs on one page to drop downs on another page and would like for someone to walk me through it.

Complicating matters is that one the first drop down consists of 3 static choices, one of which creates a Custom State as the user selects from a group.

happy to help, just pm me.

A tutor for children with disabilities - this is so generous!

My advice to you would be, if you can write down exactly what you need step by step, you will find yourself solving the puzzle.

Bubble is like, talking to a machine and telling it what to do.

For example: Do everytime when… Current User’s profile name is empty > Show Alert

In plain english: I want to prompt an alert when a users profile name is empty.

In your case it would be, I want to do … everytime when dropdown’s value contains ‘content’

I offer tutoring for Bubble. Let me know if I can help. www.NoCodeMinute.com

Hope to talk with you soon. :+1: :smile: