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Looking for a bubble developer to complete the MVP

Hi Bubblers, we’ve gone through the initial stage of PMF with a simple MVP but now at the stage of building a proper app on Bubble platform. We need to accelerate our efforts as we’ve got some considerable interest from potential investors and clients. We’re therefore looking for an experienced Bubble developer who could join our small team (initially as a freelancer but with a potential to become a permanent member of the team). Happy to share more information about our team/app.


Hello Alexey!

This is something that I think me, or my team, may be able to assist with! I know you mentioned looking for a freelancer, and I run an agency of 2 bubble developers, so it is a very small company.

You can check out our website here:

Thanks for your consideration,
Drake Dussault

Hello Alexey!

Congratulations on starting your MVP!
My name is Sebastian and I’m a industrial designer located in Paris.
I would like to know more about your app and we can set up a call if you re interested.

Your Bubble app

Leave you he link to an app I made this week just for fun and get some practice in Bubble.
Not all features work, but is mostly for showing the UX/UI and also how the database is all set! :slight_smile:

Also I’m currently developing a bigger platform, something similar to Dribble but with AR :wink:
Ill be waiting for your reply and set up a call.

Feel free to write to:
[email protected]

Have a good day.