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Can someone recommend a Bubble developer? I am in a startup accelerator and looking for someone to build an MVP as quickly. I thought I would be able to do it by changing an existing Bubble template but I keep getting stuck and would like development to happen faster. A coach who can work with me to make changes to a template and build the rest of the app could work as well. I appreciate your advice.

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Hi Arielle,

I have just saw your post and would find myself a best suit for this role. Please contact me on Skype so that we can discuss further or drop me an email to get your free estimate.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Skype: cis.am2
[email protected]

Hi there! I can help you too, I´m founder of a certified Bubble developer agency, so you can hire us via that way if the price fits you: http://bluflame.xyz

Or I can help you via https://www.usesixty.com/users/805-rodrigo-m?m=true&r=805 Sixty is a platform where they connect you with Bubble experts to work via webcam, so you can see how I create your MVP and teach you at the same time. the link refers you to schedule directly with me :slight_smile:

Additionally you can send me a private message if you have any more questions or if you want to propose a different way to work :slight_smile:

Rodrigo Vega

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Hey @arielle1,

CoBubble has been helping startups for a while now. Give us a shout at [email protected], we’d love to build something great. :slight_smile:


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