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Looking for a freelancer on polishing/professionalizing the UI/UX of my demo app

I started working on my startup idea (B2B SaaS) using - so far has been a great experience and feel like I have enough in there for a demo version of my product. However, I could really use some expert help in UI/UX - right now what I have is quite poor (more an issue with me than with what Bubble offers). I have about 6-8 pages of medium complexity that need to be ‘professionalized’. At this point, I am not looking for much help on the backend or the business logic. I am expecting this to be about 10-20 hours of work.

If this is something of interest to you, please drop me a note and we can connect offline.


[email protected]

You can check my channel. If you like my designs I’d love to learn more about your project.

Thanks for this information!

Hey @bnag ! Check out this directory with Bubble devs.

There are a lot of awesome experts you can message directly to hire or you can also post your project and get matched with a handpicked dev fast :eyes:

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