Is an Etsy API possible?

I did a post back in July looking for a developer to create an Etsy Api integration for me.

I’ve since hired 2 different developers (1 here from Bubble who is a " bubble developer" and then one from a freelance site). Both developers have come back and said that it’s not possible and it’s due to limitations on Bubble’s end.

I’m looking to get feedback from anyone who has DIRECT experience with either getting it to work or not getting it to work.

I’m not looking for feedback that goes along the lines of “Yeah it should work”.

I’ve been trying to get an API done for about 6 months and I’m nowhere closer than where I started.

This is possible. No it’s not simple and I’m not surprise that you didn’t found someone. This is for advanced Bubble dev with a lot of experience with API and maybe plugin dev.

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Out of interest what did they say was the challenge? I’ve only just taken a brief look but the only hiccup is OAuth

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So far, I know bubble shouldn’t in anyway be limited as regards to API calls if done properly except when it has to do with web hooks. What part exactly doesn’t work?

@JICI do you have experience with accomplishing this and any interest in taking on a freelance gig to complete it?

Below are the items I’m looking to retrieve from Etsy. I’m just looking to pull the data to start with, nothing being sent back yet.

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I’m not available. I don’t know if @lindsay_knowcode or @boston85719 may help.


So I made the Etsy Integration plugin sponsored by @3ddesignbros - you can see it here

Basically, the Bubble API connector will not work because Etsy Oauth requires additional things that the Bubble API connector does not support. So you have to implement Oauth in a plugin - which is what I’ve done. You could optionally use the API connector using the tokens that the Plugin manages. The plugin comes with Etsy “Receipts” implemented.

Because of the additional setup requirements, the purchase of the plugin comes with reasonable support to get you up and running.

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This is exactly what I did for another client in the past. Happy that you jump in to create it :wink:

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When you mentioned my name @Jici it became a personal challenge to do it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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And now I’ve added some methods to help with Etsy listing management - “create draft listing” and “upload listing image”.

The Etsy API has lots of parameters - so I’ll just add new actions as users request them :slight_smile: