Looking for a help

hi all, i’m totally new to all aspects of development and design and struggling a little :frowning:

i’m trying to input my data into the app tables/data section but really cant wrap my head around how these tables link/form relationships.

i have drawn out all the relationships but cant seem to actually get them to link, i’m confused slightly between the data rows “unique id” and the “key” which i created to identify them in the relationship. perhaps i only need the “unique id” and i can get rid of the “key” but i cant seem to get a list of the unique id’s to then use them later??

to try and put this into context the below example is an illustration of what i’m trying to do (apologies for the poor illustration);

app is for parks listings

Data Table 1 - Country (s) [has many]
Data Table 2 - Region (s) [has many (one region has one country)]
Data Table 3 - Parks [(one park has one region and one country)]

Yellowstone belongs to midwest, the midwest is in USA

hopefully this makes sense :frowning:

Hi @lachlan, welcome to Bubble!

I created a quick example that you can start working off of.

Three tables Country, Region, and Park:

Name: text field
Region: Region field (list)

Name: text field
Parks: Park field (list)

Name: text field

Then on the main page I have a repeating group with Data type “country” and data source “do a search for country”
Inside of that repeating group I have another repeating group with data type “region” and data source “this cell’s country’s regions”. And inside the Region repeating group I have another repeating group that has data type “Park” and data source “this cell’s region’s parks”

The result:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.27.44 PM

Hope this is helpful.

Hi thanks for this. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.


I think i have that sorted now :slight_smile:

do you know how i would get a note of all my unique id’s to link them?


What do you mean by linking them? Are you asking how you can make a park be related to it’s region? And the region be related to the Country?

Yes exactly.

I built my app on AppSheet and now trying to take it to next level (away from google sheets and complex formulas, better design, user specific data etc)

But to have the data appear in multiple areas I linked the data via the “unique key” that was created for that piece of data.

I may not have to worry about this but I have created “unique keys” for all my data which is starting too look clunky. I’m just not sure if I am applying database methodology from another platform to bubble that is perhaps not relevant ?