Looking for a job with a focus on logic and data

:grinning: Hi! I am looking for a job on the bubble platform to finance my pet projects. I have 2 years of experience working on this platform. I created various landing pages and functional forms, workflow, integrated custom APIs and maps for my project in the field of the Internet of Things and sharing economy. Integrated payment gateways, select keywords (SEO), conducted A/B tests, created UI/UX design. Familiar with JavaScript, HTML, CSS. I have CV on my linkedin.

:computer: I also have 5 years of experience working on the Java, Java Spring, SQL, AWS, etc. These years of experience include the ability to work remotely in a team and manage teams of up to 5 people using SCRUM.

I can work from Kazakhstan or move. My time zone is GTC+3.

Just write to me, because I can throw off interesting video demonstrations of my projects and tell you more information.

:speech_balloon: Contacts


Wishing you good luck :dart::+1:

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Thank u very much!

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Sorry, my current linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikolay-andronov