Looking for a Stripe expert

I’m looking for someone who can fix my Stripe setup in my (almost ready to go live) app.


Sure, can you tell me a bit about what you need fixed?

Hi @Oliver-wholegraintech
What we need are 4 pricing tiers.
Then we need 2 products that can be upsold to 3 of the 4 tiers.
We need people to have monthly and annual options.
Of the 4 tiers one is a free trial.
We need the Stripe pricing table to be integrated so that we have a stripe.oconect.com integrated rather than people having to set up a Stripe account. We want this to be seamless and using the Stripe email templates that we have setup.
Thanks, Sarah.

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Sure, ill send you a DM

Where is the DM?

Should be in your messages tab in your profile, it’s in my sent items, if not appearing please give me your emails and I’ll email you.

Hi I sent you a DM :slight_smile: