Product & Pricing re: Stripe Products & Pricing

Hello –
I am curious about the best setup for workflows related to when a seller creates a product to list that has multiple price points based on the portion bought.

On my application, it will be common for sellers to list a product that will be available for purchase in portions of: Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth

Regarding Stripe integration, would it be better to create 5 prices for each product, or to create a workflow that creates 5 products (SKU1-1, SKU1-2, SKU1-4, SKU1-8, SKU1-16) with their own pricing.

Creating a single product with 5 prices seems easier, but I was curious if there were any reasons I would want to create more of a 1-1 relationship as it relates to Stripe.

Would creating 5 prices for 1 product involve,
creating new price
defining “unit_amount” (ie 2500)
defining nickname (ie half)

As long as the order sent over matches 1 of the 5 prices Stripe has stored for that product I’ll be good, right?