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Looking for an already existing simple invoicing app

Wasn’t sure if this is the right place to post this. Will do a better post later looking for a developer to help out. I posted one yesterday but it was pretty bleh.

Topic at hand, got an idea for simple contractor/sub-contractor invoicing app. I built one for my brother about 4 years ago, but it’s not setup for payment/other contractors and all that.

It’s simple though, him and his subs can quickly create invoices from their phone, track totals, search past invoices, etc.

He the owner of the company can copy the invoices subcontractors submit to him, upcharge, and print the invoice to turn into the customer. Track how much each sub has earned for a given period, mark invoices as submitted or paid, etc.

At the same time i’m looking for a dev to help transform a copy of that over to a SaaS i can start marketing I wanted to reach out and see if someone already has one?!? Maybe the made it in the hopes of taking it to market and just never did, or maybe it’s an old template or they just aren’t making the money off of it they thought.

If so I’d love to talk with you about options to work together.


We don’t have one already, but what you’re asking is totally doable for us from scratch. Do you have the link to the app you built? If it was built using Bubble, we could model it off of that with added features you’d like. If you’re interested, head over to and submit a custom request.

Morse Painting and Renovation (

Sounds like a great use case for a Bubble app. I’ve got a template that includes some basic Invoicing features you can check out here: Premium Startup Pack Template | Bubble

If you have any questions let me know :call_me_hand:

Thx for the share, if i can’t get anywhere in a few days might have to check it out.