Need Javascript/Bubble Dev for VERY small job on plugin

I’m building a plugin and need a bit of help. The job will involve writing a few lines of js/jquery/css to help me integrate a js library into the plugin. Its simple stuff, reason I’m hiring is I’m not a developer and have already spent a few hours trying to figure it out which feels like too long.

This is NOT a big job and should not take more than 1-hour.

Will send through a video detailing exactly what I want and can pay $100 for the hour of work.

If you’re interested please reply below or dm me.

Please do not apply if you do not have Javascript or bubble plugin building experience.

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Hey @alexcooney5 I’m interested in the role, here’s my resume with all my previous bubble projects and have experience in java script as i built my portfolio site using that, Hoping to hear from you soon!

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HI @alexcooney5

Are you still looking for this help ? I can assist you with the requirement

Pm sent with details, please check