Looking for Bubble Developer For Startup

Looking for someone proficient in Developing a Web app using Bubble. Preferably someone looking to join a very small team with the understanding of working for a startup. (Also its best if you live in/around NYC or Philadelphia)

It would also be best if you have the understanding of how a:

Social Network works with the integration of a Marketplace.
the ability to send and receive Data to/from our Mobile App

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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I can help you.

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I am interested and bubbling since 2018 (like you see in my profile)

Send me some details pls :slight_smile:

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Hello there! I am Dane, I have a team of bubble developers. I will love to help you out on your project, you can email me on dane@hiremango.com so that we can get started.

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Hey, John!
I guess you are looking for the Bubble.io expect. I hope my team can help you out)
We’ve developed a pretty social marketplace app for a sustainable startup. Take a look at it right here Portfolio: SWOP native IOS/Android app.
I can provide more details in a quick Zoom call. Please, feel free to choose any convenient time for you via Calendly - WEMAKEMVP INFO.

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I will get back to you

Hey @Johnn,
Your project looks interesting. I can build your product.
Contact us at ONCLICK