Looking for Bubble Developers for MVP Completion

Hi Bubble Community,

Our recently launched venture, is looking for a bubble developer to help us get our MVP to the finish line. After about a month of development our product is probably ~ 80% complete. We are looking for a developer to help:

  1. Smooth out UI/UX
  2. Help us optimize (data structure, SEO)
  3. Complete a full security review
  4. Help us set up a variable pricing structure with Stripe/Paypal
  5. Fix a few errors
  6. Perform general due diligence
  7. etc.

Full Disclosure: we are looking for a truly talented Bubble developer who has a proven track record and willing to sign an NDA. A huge plus If you or your agency has experience with any data analytics or visualization on Bubble.

We are hoping to onboard a developer the week of August 30th. If all goes well, we are hoping to engage with the developer on an ongoing basis.

Looking forward to connecting.

Very best,

@noah2 Hi Noah, are you still looking for help?