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Looking for Bubble expert for prototype build

Need someone to build a prototype for me. I have design mocks ready to go and I’m a bubble novice. Just need someone to stand it up quickly for me. It’s a simple marketplace so if you have examples of marketplaces you’ve built please share with me.

Hi ! I would be interested in building your prototype for you !
I have launched a few apps in the past (not marketplaces but some things quite similar) (you can take a look at for example)
and I have been teaching bubble for over a year and a half now. I also published two plugins you can find in the store (New plugin ! A customizable slider input and the Easier Dark Mode plugin. Moreover, my main ability with bubble is to do things really fast, and I often design prototypes of website for friends.

Do you have a idea of the complexity of your prototype ? And what is your budget for the developement ?

Anyway, it would be a pleasure to work with you and good luck for your project !

Hi… I am looking for someone to build a mobile app prototype. Main features are create account with phone number, chat feed, invite friends (via text), capture pictures/videos (post to feed), ability to like an image/video. A couple more, but this is the basic. Do you have any example mobile apps?

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Hello. Are you looking to build a native mobile app? I mean, do you want it to be available on App Store and Google Play? Or are you looking to build a PWA (a mobile app that runs through the web browser of your phone)?

I am looking to build an app that is available on the App Store.

Please reach out to me and we can chat.